UX Writing Weekly #53

And more great stuff is on the way
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Clear, concise and useful.

βœ… Are UX writers the new product managers? New episode of Writers in Tech with Allison Freedenfeld.

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The team at UX Writing Hub wishes Allison all the best with her new baby and new life as a family 👼

βœ… A curated collection of websites that NAIL copywriting. Super visual and to the point. Great for UX writers too!

βœ… Copy docs are a fantastic way to manage your copy and work with designers. And if you don’t know what they are, all the more reason to check out this post by Andrea Drugay from Dropbox:
How to improve your design process with copy docs

βœ… Do you use design tools? If so, be sure to fill out this quick survey and help the community better understand today’s top design tool trends: 2019 Design Tools Survey

If you’re interested, here are last year’s results which I’ve referred to probably at least 50 times this year.

Have a look at this transactional email by Headspace. Notice how they put an emoji in the headline? A great way to increase the open rate.

Then, look at how the copy is always consistent with their brand voice, which is great.

Most of the meditations I’ve done lately on headspace have focused on being kind and compassionate, so I get the feeling that this is a highly customized message.

Next, we’ve got some gamification that makes me feel proud about using their product and a clear CTA that brings me back to the app.

Even if it doesn’t happen right away, this email greatly increases the chances that I open the app at some point today.

Finally, some extra testimonials for a bit of credibility.


Pretty awesome and effective email that’s full of fantastic copy!

If you’ve got an example of another brilliant transactional email, send it my way or share it in on our Facebook group.

Many people use Squarespace or WordPress for their portfolioβ€”both fine choices. But long-time community member Orlee Gillis published her portfolio as a Medium page.


Because using this medium (pun very intended) to hack your portfolio shows creativity and presents that information clearly. Oh, and it’s also quick and freeβ€”brilliant!

This is Orlee Gillis 👋

Next week, I’ll be doing a workshop in Estonia about closing the gap between writers and designers and you can get in for FREE (€280 value). We're going to redesign and rewrite a website for a nonprofit organization. FUN!

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