UX Writing Weekly #50

Or is it just the beginning?
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This is Issue #50

Exactly 50 weeks ago, we launched the first edition of our weekly newsletter.

Since then, we’ve consistently sent an email every week (though some of you didn’t get #40 due to a technical issue). There's been a LOT going on this past last year for the UX Writing Hub.

Those who have been keeping up with us know what we're talking about (job board, blog, free course, FB group, and our UX Writing course).

One of the biggest challenges I had this year was creating the Writers in Tech podcast.

I didn’t have any experience with interviewing, recording, or sound engineering, but I decided, as always, to just figure it out as I go.

So, apologies for the MASSIVE clickbait headline up there!

But, I seriously wanted to thank everyone who has listened from around the world.

It’s been a crazy journey and we couldn't have done it without you.

Writers in Tech season 1 has now ended.

But, our second season episodes have already been partially recorded and will be coming soon!

So get ready to hear from senior writers from companies such as Amazon, Typeform, Salesforce, Webflow, Waze (Google), and more. Plus, Erika Hall, the author of Conversation Design and Just Enough Research, and Amir Shevat, the author of Designing Bots.

It's going to be an awesome season!

The production of the podcast is completely funded by UX Writing Hub. To justify the cost of creating each episode, we need to expand our exposure.

So here comes the part where I ask for a favor.

PLEASE, if you enjoy and find value in our podcast, share it with the world!

With your help, we’ll be able to finish season two and continue with many seasons to come.

And, I’m still hoping to interview Elon Musk for episode #100, so we need to step up our game πŸ˜‰

You can listen to season number one here:

Shreyas Chaudhary, UX Writing Hub course alumnus, shared this actionable and inspirational empty state by Jira:

A few weeks ago, I got to chat with Alysa Yamada, a UX writer based in Prague.

We shared some thoughts about where the industry is going and what kinds of opportunities we would want to create in it.

Finding great UX writers these days for your projects can be difficult. But finding UX writers with experience working on innovative projects related to AI, chatbots, and blockchain is near impossible.

Alysa is one of those rare writers and her portfolio is SUPER inspiring.


Mario, Pillar, and Sergio are leading an amazing Spanish UX writing community and it was a real pleasure to meet with them in person.

Even though there was some political unrest in Barcelona, the UX writing community showed they are an apolitical movement of people that care about helping each other become better UX writers and write effective words for digital interfaces.

It was a BLAST!

Big shout out to:

β€” Claudia Piga from Gympas came all the way from Madrid to give us her talk and absolutely killed it.

β€” Patricia GΓ³mez Jurado for showing me around, teaching me about content localization and opening my mind to those kinds of ideas.

β€” Jess Ashworth of TravelPerk and Steve Howe of Typeform for the great discussions

β€” The rest of the 50+ attendees

I truly couldn't ask for a better networking event.
That's about it for this week.

Pass this link to your team if you feel like they should get an issue of our newsletter too.

See you next week,


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