UX Writing Weekly #48

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room
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The largest airline company in South America has a unique approach when it comes to UX writing.

They’re user-centered and everything about their digital experience is content-driven.

In our latest episode, Carolina Rayo, a senior UX writer from LATAM, shares valuable wisdom and insights about:

  • Putting your ego aside and staying humble
  • Testing stories before designing anything
  • How to absorb content like a sponge and learn as you go
  • How not to be an a**hole to your users

Enjoy this one!
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Our team member and UX Writing mentor Greta shared with us this simple and succinct little slice of microcopy by Slack that alerts you to the current time at the recipient’s location. Talk about clear, concise, and useful.

Upwork has something similar by the way.

Who did it better?


This is one of the simplest yet most effective portfolio websites I have ever seen for a writerβ€”and probably the single most creative. Be sure to move the β€œhard sell” slider. Serious lolz by the end. I LOVE IT.


We’re collaborating with a few unicorn companies 🦄 to bring you a night dedicated to advanced UX writing methodologies in beautiful Barcelona.

I’ll be sharing the super effective process we created to work with our clients. Pov favor, come and join us!


World Usability Day Estonia asked me to create a video for my upcoming workshop on the 22nd of November.

  • I bought a slick camera (with a mic)
  • Scripted the whole thing (who knew that scriptwriting is completely different than other types of writing?)
  • Rehearsed it a bit
  • Set up the shot at my parent's place
  • Added Spidy so the content would stick 🕸️
  • Put the prompter way too high above the camera (mistake #334)
  • Set up the tripod so poorly that people with OCD could never watch it
  • Added a musical mishmash of β€œGettin' Jiggy wit It” and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

I score this video a 4.3/10. But I made it! And I promise I will do my best to improve my video content. I’m learning!

Here it isβ€”let me know your thoughts

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