UX Writing Weekly #47

Grappling Gun Not Included
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This week, we’re going to talk about the MUST-HAVE tools for all the UX writers and product people out there.

Holy guacamole Batmanβ€”let’s do this 🥑

FigmaΒ &Β Sketch
Listen up everybody, it’s almost 2020 and you need to know how to work with design tools.

We did a Figma for UX Writers webinar a little while back. If you’re interested, send me a message and I’ll send you a link.

β€œBut Yuval, do I really need to learn to work with design tools?”

I believe you do, because being able to communicate effectively with designers in a β€œlanguage” they understand will benefit your UX writing career.

Ok, so this one is like Google Sheets on steroids. It has all the collaborative features of Google Docs but is a much better relational database than Sheets or Excel.

I’m still exploring it, but I found it to be a pretty cool way for product team members to collaborate. It’s been super efficient for our team.

Mark my wordsβ€”this one is here to stay. Get to know it ASAP.

Forest/Pomodoro Technique
Are constant distractions hurting your productivity?

Yeah, welcome to the club.
What’cha need is some
Deep work: β€œthe ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.”

With just three 25 minutes sessions per day, you can reach high levels of productivity. Check out Forest or the Pomodoro Technique for more info.

Notion.so is an amazing task management tool. We used it recently to create a content style guide template for our students. IMPRESSIVE STUFF!

Descript is designed for AI-driven podcast editing, which is great. I actually use it to transcribe audio and video files.

It’s also super affordable and 95% accurate (10$ a month for unlimited transcript minutes is pretty great).

Don't miss their AMAZING commercial.

I use Ahrefs to do my content research to help me decide what to write about and what our audience needs.

It’s priceyβ€”99$ a monthβ€”but it could be worth it.

Inbal Reshefβ€Ž brought to our attention the fact that Microsoft is doing a fantastic job when it comes to being useful and diversifying their CTAs. Useful is better than consistent!

It’s the Jewish New Year, so it’s a great time to reveal our refreshed and updated list of UX Writing portfolios.

🇬🇧 Deliveroo is hiring two freelance UX Writers in London

🇮🇪 Intercom is hiring a Senior Content Designer in Dublin
(This is an opportunity to work with Jonathon Colman, which is a BIG DEAL!)

🇦🇹 International Service Group is hiring a UX Writer in Vienna

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