UX Writing Weekly #43

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One UX Writer’s struggles with collaboration, tools, and localization 🚀

Greta van der Merwe’s UX writing career has skyrocketed, going from an ad agency to senior UX writer a unicorn company recently acquired by Uber.

I first met Greta when she was among the original members of our Facebook group, participating in discussions and sharing her talents with others.

In fact, after she participated in the first class of our UX writing course (we’re about to open the fourth), we were so impressed that we took Greta on as a student mentor in future classes.

She has a great post about how no one in her organization seems to understand how UX writing should work.

It’s been a true honor watching her career progress and I was delighted to speak with her recently about the following topics:

  • How she went from copywriter to Senior UX writer in such a short period of time
  • How to collaborate with designers as a senior UX writer
  • The processes and tools she uses
  • How she stays up to date with the UX Writing industry
  • Overcoming the challenges of collaboration, tools, and localization

Words of wisdom from one of the best UX writers I know.

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🎇7 big content problems

Elle Geraghty has identified seven core problems that prevent organizations from nailing their content experience. This presentation outlines those problems and gives concrete examples of how to start tackling them.

📝The gist: The Australian government's content strategy guide helps companies define content strategy.


😨The Ups + Downs of Designing with Anxiety
Research shows that people with high empathy levels (which includes many UX people) are prone to anxiety.

📝The gist: The anxious pick up on small signals and naturally evaluate situations for all possible outcomes, making them excellent designers.


🛠The problem with tooltips and what to do instead
Adam Silver covers the downside of those text bubbles popping up at us when we hover over screen elements, aka tooltips.

📝The gist: Just show the extra content.


🏗The feedback you choose not to give is as important as the one you do

Working in UX, be it design or writing, involves a certain amount of artistry. When presenting your work, you put yourself in a vulnerable position. That’s why design directors and others in leadership positions should be careful in how they give feedback. This article will show you how.

📝The gist: Certain comments work better in private than in public.

Thanks to JD Deesing for sharing this wholly unnecessary and not particularly clever piece of microshaming.

I mean c’mon, if waking up at 8 a.m. makes you useless then pretty much every Tel Aviv startup would be in serious trouble. And what am I voting on? Think they could have found better verbs for the button copy.

Great case studies by Ismael Barry from his experience in companies including Airbnb and others.  


We have some pretty exciting news! From now on, any company, anywhere, will be able to upload UX writing job postings directly to our job board! It’s free and easy.

With several companies reaching out to us every month looking to fill UX writing positions, it was taking a TON of time to upload them all to the job board.

So, I sharpened my WordPress development skills (which are still not so hot) and created the option for employers to upload positions directly.

It may not be the most elegant solution, but it does make the process more efficient. And isn’t that what product design is all about?

Our job board will now have:

  • More exclusive UX writing positions, direct from the employer
  • A new distribution channel for UX writing positions to 20K people
  • Many new UX Writing positions every week, straight to your inbox

So if you’re looking to hire, try out the new job posting form right here.

Or, find a job on our job board.


Registration is opening for the fourth class of our
UX Writing Course. Doors will be closed in a week.

See more info about dates and pricing here


See you next week,
Yuval Keshtcher  


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