UX Writing Weekly #213

Surprising and not-so-surprising pasts
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In our continuing coverage of words of the year, Oxford has announced its winner—goblin mode. If you’re keeping track, that’s the fourth WOTY we’ve seen. But which one best reflects today's zeitgeist?

It's time to vote and crown the ultimate winner: 2022’s "word of the year" of the year.

We’ll announce the winner next week in a special AI edition of UX Writing Weekly—’cause somebody’s gotta keep an eye on these robots. 🤖


Issue #213 (Dec 7th, 2022)

  • Zoom alternative

  • UX writing professional backgrounds

  • Highly sensitive people in UX

  • UX writing portfolios: FREE live event


Zoom—it just feels so pandemic-y. But there are alternatives.

We’re happy to share the product launch of our friends at Sessions. Unlike other meeting platforms that rely on the presenter to do everything, resulting in unpredictable remote events, Sessions converges everything needed for consistently effective meetings and webinars, all in one place.

Check it out on Product Hunt!


✍ In our last salary survey, we asked UX writers and content designers specifically what their previous roles were. Here, we present the data, explore some of the advantages that various backgrounds bring, and answer the question, "Do I need to have a professional writing background?"

You’ll get graphs, stats, content transmogrifiers, and more.

The Professional Backgrounds of UX Writers and Content Designers

🙉 If you’re not familiar with the term "highly sensitive person" (HSP), now is the time. UX Writer and Dr. of OT Samantha Burke shows us the qualities of HSP and how they contribute to the field

4 reasons why highly sensitive people make great UX writers

🦮 Here’s an excellent take on writing accessible interface copy. It’s a great reminder of how so many accessibility best practices overlap with general UX writing best practices.

How to Write Helpful and Accessible UX Copy for Every User


Reddit is always a great example of how some brands/products can get away with things that others never could.


Community answers to trending topics. Join the conversations below.


Free event:

Lots of people are sprucing up their portfolios these days. So it’s the perfect time to get some hot tips to stand out. 

Join Sarah Doody tomorrow, December 8th, and breathe some new life into your portfolio.

Six ways to improve your UX portfolio: stand out and get hired faster with Sarah Doody

Podcast episode:

How do you go from being the person who "checks the words" to an active product team member that contributes to a better user experience? 

Axel Viersac of Talend shares insights on this process in the latest episode of Writers in Tech.

UX Writing As A Team Of One With Axel Viersac @Talend

Online event:
If you’ve been wondering how to kick-start UX writing in your company, Yuval will be speaking at UXDX Community EMEA Online Series on December 20th.

Learn how to bridge the gap between Product, UX, Design, and Dev to build better products.

UXDX Community EMEA Online Series


Here’s another example of "My portfolio is a slide deck. Deal with it. 😎"

Kathryn Ash, or Kash for short, is a content designer and certified #word_nerd out of San Francisco.


Inita is an AI-powered service for solopreneurs that helps start and run small businesses online.

They’re looking for a content/UX writer to join the team in Switzerland.

More new positions from around the globe are on the job board.


Join our online communities, and take part in the discussions and debates that are shaping the field.

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