UX Writing Weekly #131

Learn from a 30-year veteran in the field
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Issue #131 (May 12th, 2021)
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🤖💬 As a long-time NBA analyst, Eran Soroka knows a winner. Today, he champions the use of chatbots to help organizations drive conversations with their users.

In this episode, Eran talks about not only the commercial use of chatbots, but also for the greater good: like helping Pakistani girls learn about feminine hygiene, teaching civics, and how his 9-year-old set up a chatbot to study English.

How creating chatbots can be a slam dunk

🎙️ I had a great time with the talented Nicole Alexandra Michaelis on her Content Rookie podcast. We chatted about breaking into UX Writing, being a Generalist, and why UX Writing salaries are higher.

Content Rookie: Episode #27

🧑‍🏫 UX writer Andrew Astleford became a student mentor to offer inspiration and be inspired. In this article, he shares his thoughts on mentorship as a collective learning experience.

The power of UX Writing mentoring: An inspirational journey

😃 Growth Design analyzes the strategies used by today’s top product companies and presents them in a fun and easily digestible format. From TikTok to Tinder, don’t miss this excellent collection of case studies.

27 case studies to improve your product skills

🔧 If you struggle with ADHD, or even if you just need some help getting organized, here’s a list of invaluable tools to keep you on track as you navigate a 21st-century career.

Living with Adult ADHD? Turn it Into Your SUPERPOWER


🔥 Recently we linked to an article about Cleo, a banking app with a Gen Z twist. Here are some highlights from their Roast Mode.


🎨 Say Ciao to Lia Paganini, freelance content & UX writer. If you’re looking for UX writing talent in italiano, this is the place.



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