UX Writing Weekly #130

Podcast episode with HubSpot Senior Content Designer
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Issue #130 (May 5th, 2021)
  • Inclusivity Is a Design Principle [Podcast] 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
  • The best time to conduct UX research is … 🥁
  • Breaking the 4th wall in content 🧱
  • Does language shape our worldview? 🙊


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 In this talk with HubSpot Senior Content Designer Lynsey Vallandingham, we covered important topics like:

  • Why content is a big deal at HubSpot
  • How to avoid using jargon
  • How to write inclusive products
  • Why you should meet with your users in person
  • How to create inclusivity guidelines

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Inclusivity Is a Design Principle

🕵️ According to UX Research Guru Erika Hall, there’s no perfect time to conduct design research. So when should we be conducting it? Spoiler alert: the answer is always.

If that sounds stressful and unrealistic, it’s not! Find out how in:

It’s Never a Good Time to Do Research

🧱 In theater, the fourth wall is an imaginary wall that separates the audience from the stage. But the fourth wall, and when to break it, can be critical for content strategists looking to make a deep connection with their audiences.

The fourth wall and why it's relevant to content

🙊 Does the language we speak shape the way we see the world? And if so, to what extent? This TED talk is relevant for localization and translation specialists, or any word-nerd with a curious mind.

How language shapes the way we think

✍️ Many thanks to Emerson of CareerFoundry for this thorough review of our UX Writing Academy course! An honest review from a talented writer who knows a thing or two about online education.

I Took the Course at UX Writing Hubβ€”Here's My Honest Review

🙋 If you’re curious about our UX Writing Academy program, join our upcoming alumni panel where you can meet former students. They’ll talk about their experiences both during the course and in the job market, and they’ll field questions.

Join us for free on Wednesday, May 19th.

Becoming an Experienced UX Writer in 6 Months

😊 Nice microcopy from Slack that introduces and legitimizes a handy functionality.


🎨 Christopher Nosko is a writer specializing in polishing non-native English copy and turning β€œbyes” into β€œbuys.” Wonderfully clear and fun portfolio site.


🍕 Legal department going overboard? Viral marketing? Pizza box makers having a little fun? What’s your take?


👔 Things are hoppin’ an’ a boppin’ on the job board. Lots of new positions in the USA this week. Check them out!

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