UX Writing Weekly #128

Conversation design for UX writers [Online event]
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Issue #128 (April 21st, 2021)
  • Are we human, or are we chatbot? 🤖
  • UX writing is like being a magician 🧙‍♂️
  • A new content design book 📚
  • Yes Maybe No 🤷


🤖 If you’re a UX writer thinking about breaking into conversation and chatbot design, we’ve got an event for you!

In this workshop, Eran and Miri from CocoHub will show you how easy it can be. You’ll get to know an intuitive tool that lets you build the simplest form of conversation β€” what you would say, what the response will be, and what you will do with the gathered information β€” and spares you the technical part.

Join us to understand how easy it is to be part of the conversational AI revolution!

✍️ Happy and honored to be a part of this free UX writing event by Crunch Panel. We’ll be talking about:

  • A framework to align UX content voice to business principles
  • How and when to include UX writers in the UX design and development process
  • Methods for measuring the impact of content on customer and business goals
  • And more

Hope to see you there.

UX Crunch Panel: UX Writing

🧙‍♂️ In this episode of Writers in Tech, I spoke with Jessica Drew of CarGurus about how AI will influence UX writers’ role, why many companies are behind when it comes to UX writing, and how working as a UX writer is like being a magician.

Gandalf’s approach to UX writing

A BOOK! (Remember those?)
📚 Great content doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It gets bogged down in teams, organizations, silos, and process. In Cultivating Content Design, Beth Dunn helps you break the vacuum seal and bring unity and joy back to content. Free sample chapter available.


Sometimes, that perfect alignment of words and design is found in unexpected places.


🎨 Alyson Strike creates messages worth read!ing. Clean, clear, and navigable, her site has case studies showcasing her talent. And if that’s not enough, you’ll even get a taste of her excellent poetry.


βŒ› Back in September 2019, I spoke with Martina GyΕ‘rffy about the current state and future of our industry. β€œWe’ll need more UX writers in tech,” was my message. Was I right?

β€œWe’ll Need More UX Writers in Tech” – Interview with Yuval Keshtcher

👔 Hello writer! Figma wants to let you know that they're looking a senior UX Writer to bring humanity and clarity to their interface. Or check out all the other new writing positions on the job board.

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:


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