UX Writing Weekly #123

Find out how much people are making in your country -
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Issue #123 (March 17th, 2021)
  • Better feedback = better writer 👍
  • Salary survey report!! 💸
  • To test, or not to test. That is the question 🎭
  • Get UX writing support for your company 🙋

👍 Is it too late? No! You can still sign up for our online event with Andrea Drugay. She’ll give us some tips and tricks to make sure writers on design teams are getting the best and most actionable feedback possible. The event will include a short, hands-on session to help you improve your skills at giving and receiving high-quality writing feedback.

How to use feedback to elevate your writing skills

💸 As UX writers, content designers, contents strategists, and other writers in tech, what we do has value. But how is that value translated into a salary?

We’re happy to present the results of our 2021 writers in tech salary survey. Learn about how much writers are earning in your country, the gender wage gap, and oh-so-much more.

Please share the report to help promote the value of UX writing in the global community, and help writer and recuters everywhere.

How much do UX writers actually make? Salary survey report 2021

🧮 Remember math class? Just showing the right answer wasn’t enough. You had to show how you got to the answerβ€”to show your work.

UX legend Jared M. Spool shows us why it’s important for UXers to do the same.

To Show the Value of UX, We Must Show the Work of UX

🎭 Netflix tests their copy with Shakespeare. And if you read this article, that previous sentence will make a lot more sense.

Thanks to the talented team at Netflix for sharing this in-depth look into their new tool for testing copy.

Words Matter: Testing Copy With Shakespeare

🧑β€βš–οΈ Now and again, we link to articles about dark patterns and how and why to avoid them. Here’s some legal news out of California about dark patterns and the sale of personal information.

California bans β€˜dark patterns’ that trick users into giving away their personal data

Clubhouse wants users to use their real names, and the design and copy of this screen encourage users to do so.


🎨 Meet Lindsey Phillips, a DC-based freelance writer who reminds people there’s a human behind the product.



👔 From chilly Canada and down to Hotlanta, check out all the new positions on the job board. Plus, Niio is looking for a content writer & storyteller in Tel Aviv.

🙋 Could your company benefit from some UX writing support? Let our current cohort of uber-talented UX writing students help! Apply to join our UX Writing Accelerator program.

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:


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