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[Online event] How feedback makes you a better writer -
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Issue #122 β€” Mar 10th, 2021 (It's my B-day🎉 and I love you all)
  • Don’t fear the feedback 😨
  • Top tips for freelance UX writers 👍
  • How to handle stakeholders like a pro 🧭
  • Demystifying the UX writing process 🌞

😨 Feedback: it’s nothing to be scared of. In fact, it may be just what you need to take your writing to the next level.

Join Andrea Drugay of Slack, who will walk us through some tips and tricks to make sure writers on design teams are getting the best and most actionable feedback possible.

How to use feedback to elevate your writing skills

👍 Do you want to land new clients, get new projects, and earn more as a freelance UX writer? Then don’t miss this podcast episode with Leo Smits, where we talk about all these subjects and more.

Plus, Leo shares his peanut butter trick for freelance UX writers.

Peanut Butter Tricks for Freelance Writers

🧭 Navigating intrapersonal relationships is part of every job. For UX writers and content strategists, the relationship with shareholders is perhaps the most critical.

Get some great tips and insights into building successful working relationships with the stakeholders in your life.

Navigating stakeholder relationships for UX writers and content designers

🌞 This article breaks down the UX writing process into common themes and shows how to tackle each one. Great approach for newbies and veteran UXers alike.

The UX Writing Process in Tech β€” Demystified

βœ… Are you looking to set up a decent writing practice without writers, expertise, loads of free time, or even a grasp of basic grammar? OK, besides the fact that you shouldn’t be, if you have to, this article is for you.

How to set up a writing practice for your design team


Proactive message from PayPal addressing a user pain point and security risk.


🎨 Gloria Li is a Toronto-based UX writer and designer, and a storyteller exploring innovative ways to combine creative writing with behavioral psychology.

Check out her portfolio and say hello.



👔 Lots of new jobs from around the world this week, including big-name companies like Amazon, YouTube, Microsoft, and more.

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:


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