UX Writing Weekly #119

A panel of experts on UX and content at the frontlines -
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Issue #119 (Feb 17th, 2021)
  • Major online event with Netflix, Facebook, and Hulu 🤩
  • ADHD, mental health, sexuality, and more in content design 🥲
  • Six quick ROI metrics for UX writing 📈
  • Welcome to the Clubhouse 🎙️

🤩 Join our panel event with representatives from the frontline of innovation, where they’ll discuss questions like:

  • What unique considerations are there when designing for entertainment?
  • What are some of the main problems to solve and how are they solved?
  • What’s the difference between products for entertainment and other products?
  • How much does UI writing relate to the language of film and television?

UX and content at the frontlines (Netflix, Facebook, Hulu)


🥲 Join the inspiring Danny Harrop-Griffiths in this frank and open discussion about ADHD, neurodiversity, mental health, sexuality, and how these topics and more relate to UX and content design.

An episode not to be missed!

ADHD as a content design superpow… look a squirrel!

βœ… What makes UX writing good? According to experienced UX writer Nick DiLallo, these are the eight principles of UX writing that should shape every digital product.

This is good UX writing

📈 Check out this quick list of six ROI metrics that demonstrate the value of content design and UX writing. Real data from real companies.

The ROI Of Content Design

✍️ Happy and honored to be mentioned in this UX writing overview article by Working in Content. Shout out to Anja for being quoted!

What is a UX Writer? Examples from Uber, Apple and Grammarly

🎙️ The new audio-only social media app Clubhouse is getting tons of buzz. Some nice microcopy here to explain how to join during the initial launch.
If you do sign up to Clubhouse, join our chat this Monday, Feb 22nd:


🎨 Multi-talented Orchid Chen has a stellar portfolio/website β€” design, layout, content, pricing …  it all just flows.



👔 Holy smokes there are a lot of new jobs this week! Check out positions at Etsy, Practi, Lokalise, and more, only on the job board.

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:


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