UX Writing Weekly #118

Interview with Larry Swanson of Content Strategy Insights -
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Issue #118 (Feb 9th, 2021)
  • Content strategy tip from a pro 🎙️
  • Learning to say goodbye to our users 👋
  • Why you need context for your design systems 🔧
  • Dinosaurs go RAWRRR! 🦖

🎙️ Larry Swanson hosts the excellent podcast Content Strategy Insights. In this episode, we chat about what content strategy is, what kind of events are organized for writers in tech, and much more. Join us if you want to learn:

  • The different flavors of content strategy
  • What the differences are between product content strategy and other types of content strategy
  • The overlap between content design and content strategy

PLUS! Listen to Larry’s step-by-step guide to content strategy in 2021.

A Step by Step Guide to Content Strategy in 2021


👋 What happens when we’re done with a product or service? According to Joe Macleod, founder of the world’s first business dedicated to helping companies end their customer relationships, overlooking the closure experience is a huge wasted opportunity.

Find out more in:

Designing Offboarding Experiences: An Interview with Joe Macleod

🔧 Context is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of using a design system. Without it, teams are likely to adapt the users’ needs to the system, instead of vice versa.

Learn more in:

Bringing Context To Design Systems

🔍 Empty states β€” we all know β€˜em, we all love β€˜em. But what do they look like from the designer’s perspective?

Spruce up yours with some handy tips in:

A designer’s guide to empty states

🦖 Flaticon reminds users to attribute the icon author using some fun copy.


🎨 Seattle based Nikki St-Cyr has more than just a cool last name (pronounced SAYNT SEER). She also has a well-rounded portfolio showcasing her design and writing skills. Check it out!



👔 Welcome Czechia 🇨🇿 to the UX writing job board, with a cool position at Wrike. Plus, jobs, jobs, and more jobs around the globe.

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:


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