UX Writing Weekly #117

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Issue #117 (Feb. 3rd, 2021)
  • Becoming a 6-figure UX writer: Webinar 💵
  • When machine learning meets UX writing 🤖
  • The ROI of Good Conversational UX 📈
  • Choose vs. Select 🤔

Hi Everybody! I’m excited to invite you to join me in our upcoming free webinar, How to become a 6-figure UX writer, on February 11th. We’ll cover things like:

βœ… An exclusive look at the results from our UX writing salary survey.
βœ… How anyone can land UX writing projects with no prior experience.
βœ… How to get new clients and recruiters knocking on your door.
βœ… What do successful UX writers have that others don’t?

We'll also have more information about the next cohort of our UX Writing Academy program β€” find out if it's right for you.

See you there!


🤖 Find out how data is informing and influencing the copy being written at Booking.com in this insightful article. See the connection between machine learning, user-generated content, and UX writing.

When machine learning meets UX writing

📈 Most UX writers are quick to sing the praises of a conversational interface and how it makes for a better user experience. But does it save money? And what’s the connection to conversation design and voice interface? Find out in:

The ROI of Good Conversational UX

🤔 Do you choose something or select it?
I know β€” hard to pick, right? 😉

Which should we use in our UI copy, when, and why? See the various opinions and have your say in this enlightening discussion.

Choose vs. Select

A rather unusual incentive to sign up. Think it works?


🎨 We’ve featured Nathan Mudaliar’s portfolio here before, and to be honest, we’ll probably feature it again sometime. Why? Because it’s next-level awesome!

Use the switch experience feature at the top. Mind = blown!



👔 Yesterday was Groundhog Day in the US and Canada. But this year, forget that winter/spring stuff β€” Punxsutawney Phil has just announced two UX writing jobs in his home state of Pennsylvania!

🇮🇱 Plus, check out these featured writing jobs in Tel Aviv:

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:


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