UX Writing Weekly #116

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Issue #116 (Jan. 27th, 2021)
  • Online event: Design a conversation 🗣️
  • New webinar episode 🎙️
  • Localize it! A handy guide 🗺️
  • Can you handle the truth of these knowledge grenades? 💣

🗣️ Don’t miss this online event with UX writer Don Seidenberg who will be sharing his insights on transitioning from copywriting to UX writing, designing conversations that convert, and more.

Join us this Thursday, Jan. 28th.

🎙️New podcast episode with Cory Lebson, author of the UX Career handbook and some of the best UX courses on Lynda.

We chatted about the secrets to building a personal brand and network that keep you landing UX jobs for years to come. Don’t miss it!

Building a Stellar Personal UX Brand


🗺️ Have you been thinking that your product could be big in Japan, but don’t know where to start? Localization is more than just translating.

Here’s an 8-step guide that covers the ins and outs of localization.

The truth about localization: What actually happens?

💣 What’s the culture like at your company? Bet it’s nothing like what’s going down at Thrustify! (Or is it?)

Here’s a highly amusing, tongue-in-cheek satire of today’s tech company culture. Buckle up for some swear-word-laden, raw, unfiltered realness. And be sure to fill out the screening form at the end to see if you’re ready to be a Thruster! 🚀💪💥💰💰🚀💰📈 💪🔥

9 Knowledge Grenades For The Work Revolution

🔎 I don’t believe we’ve ever shared a Vice article before, so here goes! Here are some unconventional career tips for unprecedented times by a TikTok career coach, which is a thing now. Not just for the Gen Z crowdβ€”lots of useful insights for anyone who’s on the job hunt.

How To Find a Job During the Pandemic, According to a TikTok Career Coach

Create a new document in Dropbox and you’re met with this simple, encouraging microcopy.


🎨 Windsor-based UX designer, problem solver, and Web developer Cory Richert has been delivering user-centric solutions for several years.

His UX skills extend to this well organized and sleek portfolio.



🥊 When your driver is none other than the greatest of all time.


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