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BUH-BYE 2020! ~ Top articles ~ HUGE savings ~ free gift
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👋 BUH-BYE 2020!

Welcome to our final newsletter of 2020, where we say goodbye to what has been a less-than-ideal year. But we're hitting 2021 in stride with this special edition. Here's what's inside:

  • The Writers in Tech 2021 salary survey! 📝
  • Top 20 articles from 2020 📰
  • Top 20 resources from 2020 🔧
  • A free gift for all 🎁
  • A 20% discount on our upcoming February Academy program 🤩


📝 Last year, we collected data from more than 450 writers working in the tech industry to give the community a clearer look into what writers around the world earn. This year, we want to see how the field has developed with new dataβ€”and that’s where you come in!

If you're a UX writer, content designer, content strategist, web copywriter, technical writer in software, or any other kind of writer in tech, please take our quick 2021 salary survey.

We want writers everywhere to have the information they need to get paid what they deserve. Our goal is to get 2,021 participants this year, and we need your help to make it happen. Fill it out, and pass it on to all the writers in tech you know. Let’s make 2021 the best year ever for the UX writing community!

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📰 Here’s our collection of the top 20 articles from the past year.

Tips, tricks, and guides
How to Design Landing Pages That Convert
10 lessons I’ve learned practicing UX Writing
How to mock up UX writing for better collaboration
Full name vs. first/last name - to split or not to split?
UX Writing: 10 Tips for Crafting Effective Content
How to Write an Amazing Product Page
Top 13 Pricing Plan Page Examples
10 Powerful User Nudges Illustrated
The style guide struggle is real

What’s in a name?
The Rise (and Role) of Content Design
The Differences Between UX Writing and Content Strategy
Content Strategy, UX Writing And The (Confusing) Relation Between The Two
Why We’re Moving From Content Strategy to Content Design

Case studies
What we learned onboarding 2 million home and apartment owners on Booking.com
Things I’ve learned as the first UX writer in a scaling SaaS company

STOP! Grammar time
What Every UX Writer Needs to Know About Passive Voice
β€œDon’t dead him!” Why verbs are hard and what it means for our UX process
UX Writing and Phrasal Verbs

Working remotely
The practical 3-step guide to working remotely
3 Insights on UX Content Testing


🔧 Here are our top 20 resources from 2020.

🎁 And as a special thank you to our readers and to everyone in the UX writing community, we’re happy to release the recording of our recent webinar with the wonderful Torrey Podmajersky. Become a UX Writing Hub member to get access to our entire library of past webinar recordings.

Free Webinar
Making impact with UX writing with Torrey Podmajersky

UX writing podcasts
How to design a bot in 2020
A practical guide to ethical design with best selling author Nir Eyal
Remote UX writing at a scaling company
Behavioral Economics & Customer Experience in the Digital Age
It’s Oκ“˜ If its not Perfekt
Inclusive writing for Africa’s largest banking app
Content prototyping and UX research
How I built 140K strong UX community

UX writing tools
Frontitude β€” Streamline your UX copy management workflow
Wordtune β€” AI-based writing companion that lets you instantly rephrase your writing
Ginger β€” An alternative to Grammarly that can catch some mistakes that other grammar checkers miss
REV β€” Closed Captions Made Simple
Notion β€” Power, handy online workspace for creating shareable documents for individuals and teams
UX Principles β€” Fun Chrome extension that gives you quick UX tips every time you open a new tab

Misc resources
Top UX Books
Top content design resources
Top content style guides
Daily UI Archive
Free UX writing course


✍️ This past year, we were proud to have helped more than 100 writers across six continents start their journeys with our UX Writing Academy training program. Plus, hundreds more joined our UX Writing Essentials course and our free Intro to UX Writing mini-course.

As part of our Academy program, our students got real-world experience and contributed their talents to companies like:


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We’re so grateful to be a part of the UX writing community and are excited to see what 2021 has in store for us all. On behalf of everyone at the UX Writing Hub, we want to wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Cheers! 🥂


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