UX Writing Weekly #106

Human vs AI-generated copy challenge
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We’re doing things just ever so slightly differently this week.

Issue #106 (Nov. 18th, 2020)
  • AI-generated copy against human-written copy 🤖
  • Content Strategy is like, so out 😎
  • Combating digital addiction 📵
  • The great comma debate βš”οΈ


🤖 Last week, we talked about copy.ai, a tool that automatically generates ad copy. This week, the writing robots continue their takeover in a head-to-head, human vs. robot copywriting competition.

Is this the end? Are robots destined to take over our writing jobs too? The results may surprise you. Check the score in:

Humans vs AI: A/B testing OpenAI's GPT-3

😎 They’re falling like dominoes …

Yet another company is changing the name of its Content Strategy team to Content Design. This time, it’s Firefox, who made the name change public because β€œwords matter.” Well said.

We’re Changing Our Name to Content Design
📵 We want to acknowledge some of our UX Writing Academy students for the impact they had while working with Reboot & Recover, a nonprofit combating digital addiction. So proud of them and the important work being done here.



βš”οΈ Something a little different for our microcopy bite this week: a debate. Should we or shouldn't we use the serial aka Oxford comma, even when context makes the meaning clear? Microcopy writers have their say in The Great Comma Debate.

🎨 Something a little different for our portfolio this week. Along with some tasty copywriting examples in her portfolio, Marie-Pier Rochon also serves up a fun story about how baking helped her become a UX writer. Enjoy!

Baking my way into UX


🦉 Something a little different for our fun/funny post this week. Duolingo takes a lot of heat for their guilt trip push notifications, like this one:
But there’s a reason for that crying green owl. Learn all about it in this fun article that sheds light on the AI behind the meme:

β€œHi, it’s Duo”: The AI behind the meme

👔 Something a little diff… oh wait. Actually, no. It’s jobs, jobs, and more jobs on the job board β€” just like we bring you every week.

And as always, whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:


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