UX Writing Twitter Space Part #1

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Hey everyone,

In this special episode of Writers in Tech, we’ve got something a bit different for you. We’ll be taking you inside our first ever UX writing Twitter Space! 

In this all-audio open community platform, we had a great group discussion with people from around the globe about what’s going on in the industry. 

Now, we’re sharing it as a special episode of the podcast for everyone who missed it. 

We talked about:

  • UX Writing and mentoring: both from the mentor’s and mentee’s point of view
  • Finding the voice and tone of your digital product
  • Tips, tricks, and inventive ideas
  • Bringing UX writing to a fintech product in the growing Nigerian tech scene

Give us your honest feedback on this concept so we’ll know whether or not to do more episodes like this. And don’t forget to rate, share, and subscribe!

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