Content design: why there’s another title in our industry

Without content, the internet wouldn’t exist. What would be the need? Between 2010 and 2014, the team at Government Digital Service invented the discipline of Content Design by applying new techniques to their work.

In this webinar, Clare Reucroft will show how content design came into being and its impact on how content is produced, around the world.  She will share examples of how to serve your audience best with the channels you choose, why you should have a content person in the research phase and how content can make or break service design.

Join us to

  • Learn some core content design principles and techniques
  • Find out how to show the value of content design
  • See the difference good content design can make for the end user


Last but not least, ask everything you ever wanted to know about content design and how it relates to UX writing!


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What are our webinars like?

Very informative and useful session with real examples. For me, as someone who worked as a translator/ copy writer in Marketing before taking up a new role as UX writer, this gave me more clues of the difference between the two writing styles.
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I was really impressed with conversational vibe that Ben brought. This being my first webinar with you - I was even more delighted with how all the participants were so passionate and wanting to help each other, esp in the chat.
UX With Someone I Love | Ben of Netflix
Loved the personal experiences shared. Loved that she was so relatable and and shared mistakes, struggles, etc. It made me feel like I was on the right path, since I was able to relate to so many of the experiences she shared.
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October 22
9:00 am Los Angeles
12:00 pm New York
6:00 pm Berlin
7:00 pm Tel Aviv
Headshot of Clare Reucroft at Content Design London

About Clare Reucroft

Clare is an associate content designer for Content Design London (CDL). With a background in linguistics and experience design practices, Clare has a keen interest for all things content, usability and language.

Throughout her career, Clare has worked across a range of sectors including central government, domestic abuse services and pharmaceuticals. She cares deeply about accessibility and inclusive design, and how the words we use impact experience.

Content design: why there's another title in our industry

UX writing webinar with Clare Reucroft, Associate Content Designer at Content Design London

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October 22
9:00 am Los Angeles
12:00 pm New York
6:00 pm Berlin
7:00 pm Tel Aviv