UX Writing at a Platform for Online Courses | Interview with Kate Garner of Coursera

Episode Summary

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Kate Garner is an English teacher turned full-time UX writer at Coursera.

Kate is a language lover with experience in copywriting, editing, SEO, and creative content development. Her Master’s of Communication in Technology degree helped turn her into quite the masterful communicator.

In this episode, we look at what UX writing at Coursera is all about. Kate shares her love of the product and why Coursera is such a great online learning platform.

Listen to this episode to learn:

— How writers and designers fit into Coursera’s structure

— Overcoming the challenges of being a first time UX writer

— Her first-hand experience as a UX writer, what tools she uses specifically for UX writing, and other tools of interest that are available

— Coursera’s procedures, strategy, and team structure

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