Top Conferences for UX writers in 2023

Top Conferences for UX writers in 2023

With COVID scares taking the back seat, conferences are finally making a comeback.

We put together a selection of UX conferences and workshops taking place this year all over the globe. So if you’re looking to treat your team to a great learning experience or if you’re a professional hoping to make some new connections, look no further.

But first, a shameless plug from the team here at the UX Writing Hub.

We’re organizing our own UX writing conference set for the fall of 2023. Join the waiting list for updates and the chance to get discounted tickets. Hope to see you there!

We’re also excited to get featured at quite a few of this year’s conferences with talks on new trends in UX writing and content design.

Note: All prices are listed in USD and may fluctuate due to conversion rates with the original currency.

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1. UX Writing Conference

  • location: online
  • dates: 27 April 2023
  • prices: USD 90

Tech Circus will be hosting Product Design Week Online, an exciting series of online conferences on UX and product design, and will dedicate an entire day to presentations on UX writing. 

UX Writing Hub’s own Yuval Keshtcher will be among the featured speakers on that day, so don’t miss out!

Tickets are still available at early bird discounts and you can get them for each day separately or a week pass to get the full experience. 

2. UX Nordic

  • location: Aarhus, DK
  • dates: August 24–25
  • prices: USD 210–700

Consisting of one day of workshops and one day of discussions on AI, research, accessibility, and enterprise UX, UX Nordic is known for programs with hand-picked speakers and unique insights.

Yuval will be taking the stand at Aarhus Congress Center to delve into how AI tools like ChatGPT are changing the way writers are creating content and how it can be leveraged for company success.

The line-up will also include speakers from giants, such as Google, Bang & Olufsen, and DocuSign.

Join 800+ participants, hear about rare case studies, and make valuable connections at this fantastic event.

3. World Usability Congress 2023

  • location: Graz, AT
  • dates: October 10–12
  • prices: USD 547–1367

Take part in the leading global UX conference and hear talks by top UX & CX professionals from the likes of Facebook, PwC, Zalando, Amazon, and IBM

Yuval will be speaking about the benefits of UX writing for business, best practices, and tips on hiring a good UX writer.

The supporting program of the conference will also give you the opportunity to get out of everyday business life and network with like-minded people.

Other conferences to mark on your calendars

The world of UX is huge and ever-changing, so it’s good to keep on top of the latest trends. You can find a conference that suits your location, stage in your career, price range, or any other preference.

Here’s a list of our picks for this year.

1. Utterly Content

  • location: online
  • dates: February 28th–March 2nd
  • prices: USD 610–6,120

Utterly Content brings together content professionals from around the world in an interactive online festival. 

Speakers and delegates come from big names like Google, Pfizer, NASA, Pinterest, and Shopify to talk about all things content, its latest trends and impact on business.

Organizers are really looking after their participants this year with yoga, pilates, barre workouts, and even mindfulness sessions to maximize learning. 

Fun networking mini-events, like book chats and games, will ensure you leave with many new connections.

2. UX360 Research Summit

  • location: online
  • dates: February 15th–16th
  • prices: USD 299

The UX360 Research Summit brings together speakers from tech giants, such as Meta, Google, Microsoft, AWS, PayPal, Airbnb, and many more. You’ll have the chance to attend presentations, panel discussions, and even 1-on-1 sessions on UX research and its impact on business. 

Organized by the Merlien Institute, the summit will be focused on UX research, but there will be ample opportunities to connect with professionals from all areas of UX.

Some tickets are still available, so we’d suggest grabbing them while you can.

3. UX New Zealand

  • location: Wellington, NZ | online
  • dates: February 15th–17th
  • prices: USD 105–510

This three-day hybrid event is sure to bring together speakers and participants from around the globe. It kicks off with workshops providing participants with hands-on tasks in topics like research, accessibility, information architecture, and design thinking

The next two days will be dedicated to conference talks given by local and international UX professionals from companies like Google, Meta, Logitech, and Etsy.

4. Interaction Week 2023

  • location: Zürich, CH | online
  • dates: February 25th–March 3rd
  • prices: USD 175–1,500

With over 90 speakers and a host of exciting presentations, discussions, and workshops, Interaction 2023 is one event you shouldn’t miss. 

During the much-anticipated Interaction conference, participants will hear speakers present fascinating topics in the area of interaction design. These talks will also be streamed live from the venue. 

Participants will get to participate in many fun side events to create connections, including cook-alongs across the city to experience Zürich’s fantastic food scene.

5. UX Copenhagen 2023

  • location: Copenhagen, DK | online
  • dates: March 23rd–24th
  • prices: USD 587–2,936

UX Copenhagen bills itself as Denmark’s “most inspirational human experience conference”. The conference focuses on UX, content, strategy, and research under a new theme every year. This year, their theme is “invisibility”, what all good UX should be.

The UX Research conference will announce more speakers soon but the lineup is incredible already, including Technical Officers from WHO, UX psychologists, and even puppeteers!

You can still get early-bird tickets on the website.

6. Lead with Tempo 2023

  • location: New York City, NY, USA | online
  • dates: May 10th–11th
  • prices: USD 325–560

This is Tempo’s first hybrid event and we’re here for it. Aimed at leaders of content and those who want to lead, this conference will include panel discussions, workshops, and informal networking sessions.

Presentation topics are a mixed bag, including talks on leading mindfully, making an impact on your organization, fostering a safe and collaborative culture, and looking after yourself as well as your team. 

And with speakers from the likes of Intuit, Netflix, LinkedIn, Walmart, and American Express, this conference is sure to leave you with some fantastic insights to bring to your work.

7. Information Architecture Conference 2023

  • location: New Orleans, LA, USA
  • dates: March 28–29 (workshops) | March 30–April 1 (main conference)
  • prices: USD 575–1,1000

Taking place for the 24th time, the IAC’s theme this year will be “change & resilience”, a well-chosen topic for the UX industry.

Every year hundreds of academics and practitioners in information architecture, user experience design, and content strategy attend the IAC, so it’s a great opportunity to make valuable connections.

Talks will cover topics, such as information architecture’s role in adaptation, innovation, continuous improvement, and communication. The program also features a curated selection of workshops for professionals of all levels.

8. Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference 

  • location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • dates: April 26–28
  • prices: USD 250–500

Join 800+ product designers and managers on the foothills of the majestic mountains of Utah and learn how to build better products from practical examples, work better within your team and develop a fanatical focus on the user.

Speakers will include UX experts from Intuit, Stripe, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and many more.

Early bird discounts are still available until the end of the month.

Front is also hosting a series of workshops between November 2 and 4. Although Front says they’re “not for the faint of heart”, you’ll be able to get one-of-a-kind UX and product management training experience.

9. From Business to Buttons Conference 2023

  • location: Stockholm, SE 
  • dates: May 4th, 11th & 12th
  • prices: USD 868 (conference) | USD 385–771 (workshops)

Take part in Scandinavia’s premier User Experience and Service Design conference, From Business to Buttons. Under the slogan “Design impacts Humanity”, this year’s program is all about collaboration and finding ways to communicate.

The line-up of speakers is fantastic, as it includes UX writer, content strategist and author Torrey Podmajersky, design leader and author Kim Goodwin, and speaker-filmmaker David Dylan Thomas.

Early Majority tickets are still available until February 21, after which prices go up to USD 916, so get ‘em while they’re cheap!

10. UX Istanbul

  • location: online
  • dates: May 22–26
  • prices: USD 108–152

Join UX professionals and Web3 enthusiasts at this year’s UXistanbul, whose focus will be on Web3 UX & Metaverse design.

You’ll hear fascinating insights on organizations navigating the unknown territory of Web3 and rushing to build decentralized editions of their products by using blockchain-powered dApps, smart contracts, NFTs, the metaverse, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies.

Be part of the technological and cultural revolution that is Web3 and learn how it’s disrupting business models and user experience with finance, organization models, and generational behavior shifts.

The 5-day conference will be packed with keynotes, Q&A sessions, networking activities, chats, and discussions led by Web3, UX, Metaverse experts and practitioners.

11. UX Lisbon

  • location: Lisbon, PT 
  • dates: May 23–26
  • prices: USD 432–1,635

The UX industry is faced with many new challenges—AR/VR, voice interactions, machine learning, gesture control, and many more. 

Come to sunny Lisbon and find out from industry-renowned speakers how their organizations are dealing with those challenges and upgrade your skills with hands-on workshops. 

The program also features many side events to help you explore the city of seven hills and make new connections.

12. LPC Paris & Madrid

  • location: Paris, FR | Madrid, ES
  • dates: May 24 (Paris) | May 26 (Madrid)
  • prices: USD 576–884 (Paris) | USD 173–210 (Madrid)

Join more than 1,000 product design professionals and enthusiasts in a fantastic choice of inspiring and actionable talks in France’s capital. 

Speakers come from such giants as HBO Max, Blablacar, and Qonto, so you’ll be sure to hear lots of impressive insights on product design and UX.

LPC’s Spanish branch will host a similar event in sunny Madrid only two days later with a different, but no less impressive selection of speakers from companies like Epic Games, Typeform, and Sketch.


  • location: Amsterdam, NL
  • dates: June 5–7
  • prices: USD 645–1079

UX STRAT, the Netherlands’ leading UX conference focusing on design strategy & innovation will include ample opportunities for getting to know attendees as well as speakers and sponsors. 

In addition to product design strategy and innovation presentations, talks will also cover topics, such as bringing sustainability and humanity-centered design into the everyday work context.

14. UX Scotland

  • location: Edinburgh, UK
  • dates: June 7–9
  • prices: USD 660–792

After a 3-year break, UX Scotland returns in-person. This friendly conference brings together designers, researchers, and other user-centered professionals to learn, share and connect with the community.

The conference’s diverse program will cover important topics, such as content design for people in crisis, AI’s impact on UX, and designing diverse teams. The program caters to practitioners at various stages in their careers, from those wanting to break into the UX industry to mid-seniors moving into management positions.

15. UXPA International 2023

  • location: Austin, TX, USA
  • dates: June 20–22
  • prices: USD 375–1,450

User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International supports people who research, design, and evaluate the user experience (UX) of products and services.

In 2022, the lineup of speakers in San Diego, CA, was enormous, ranging from Microsoft to Google, IBM, and many others. So this year’s edition is sure to be just as impressive.

16. UX London 2023

  • location: London, UK
  • dates: June 22–23
  • prices: USD 1,207–1,450

The program for this 2-day conference in England’s capital will be packed with talks on all aspects of user research, interaction design, product design, and design systems

From presentations on the latest trends to hands-on training in workshops, you’re sure to leave with tons of new knowledge and great connections.

17. UX Australia

  • location: Sydney, AU | online
  • dates: August 22–25
  • prices: USD 488–523*

*prices may fluctuate due to conversion rates between the original currency and USD

The four-day hybrid event will focus on how design is being pushed in new and interesting ways.

The program includes conference presentations and workshops with local and international covering topics and ideas for experienced practitioners, newbies, and everyone in between.

The event is divided into 2 days of workshops followed by 2 full days of conference presentations. Workshops will be hosted in person in Sydney and conference presentations will be hosted live in Sydney and broadcast online.

18. UXDG: UX Design Summit 2023

  • location: online
  • dates: September 6–7
  • prices: USD 299

Another one from the Merlien Institute, the UXDG summit is a must-attend for all UX professionals.

UXDG will cater to this trend and offer a unique platform for the world’s best designers to showcase their successful UX design strategies.

Tickets for the 2023 event aren’t available yet, but you can order the 2022 on-demand tickets for just USD 299 and get full access to last year’s recorded program to watch in your own time.

With an expected 500–1,000 attendees, UXDG will showcase the latest trends in UX and product design—from innovative design thinking processes, product design strategies, to user research and testing.

19. UXcon

  • location: Vienna, AT
  • dates: September 13–14
  • prices: USD 858

UX Con is a two-day event taking place in lovely Vienna and featuring workshops, networking side events, presentations, and helpful post-event content pieces.

The program will include discussions around topics, such as the impact of AI on the field of UX, ethics and sustainability of UX Research, and personal development as a UX professional

This year’s speakers will include professionals from companies like Slack, Spotify, Bolt, Google, and many more.

Early bird tickets are still available!

20. Hatch Conference

  • location: Berlin, DE | Online
  • dates: October 4–6
  • prices: USD 53–530

An invite-only event for seniors, leads and managers in the UX, UXR and Product Design fields. Atomic Design author Brad Frost headlines a great lineup of speakers and coaches from Instagram, Shopify, Booking, and more.


  • location: Dublin, IE | online
  • dates: October 11–13
  • prices: USD 216–3,257

With attendees from some of the biggest names out there, like Netflix, Revolut, Duolingo, Twitter, Accenture, this year’s UXDX taking place in Dublin, Ireland, is sure to include mind-blowing insights on all things UX.

22. Button Conference

  • location: Portland, OR, USA
  • dates: October 16–19
  • prices: USD 895–2,595

Button is a friendly, welcoming conference about content design and UX writing. Attendees called last year’s Button a “content designer’s dream conference come true”

While the program for this year isn’t out yet, we’re sure this year’s edition will be nothing short of fantastic.

Check out the Button 2022 recap to get a good sense of the kinds of topics Button’s speakers tackle. 

You can get tickets at early bird prices until May 26.

23. PUSH Conference UX

  • location: Munich, DE
  • dates: October 19–21
  • prices: USD 472

Last year’s PUSH conference saw speakers from the likes of Twitter, Multiverse, and Unconform, speak about inclusive design, collecting insightful research and sustainable UX

It also included an interactive exhibition and lots of breakout sessions for networking. So this year’s edition will surely be just as awesome!

Details are still to come, so keep an eye on the website for more.

24. UX Brighton 2023

  • location: Brighton, UK
  • date: November 3
  • prices: USD 170

During UX Brighton 2022, discussions revolved around the relationship between product management and UX design. While this year’s program is yet to be released,  it’s sure to be packed with fascinating insights on the topic.

Organized by a community group whose mission is to spread knowledge about all aspects of UX, you can be sure that you will meet many friendly UX professionals and enthusiasts.

Super early bird discounts are still available, so get them while they’re still cheap!

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