UX Writing Beyond the Interface with Sarah Loigge @ Parkside Interactive

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Sarah Loigge shares how she found inspiration outside of work and overcame impostor syndrome with the help of Star Trek.

Sarah has a background in software testing and product design. But she’s always enjoyed writing, so she made the transition to UX writing.

She recently took on the challenge to develop the personality of a chatbot. She realized that she had no idea where to start and was hit by impostor syndrome. Tune in to learn how she got over it and at same time came up with a brilliant method to create the language of the bot.

We also talked about:

  • Using Frontitude and Ditto in Figma to manage copy and translations
  • Why UX writers should consume as much art as possible
  • How language learning can help UX writers
  • Inclusive writing and working with gendered languages

About Sarah

Sarah Loigge found UX writing via software testing and product design. Currently the Lead UX Writer at Parkside Interactive, she’s also experienced in conversation design.

As a student on the UX Writing Hub Flex Academy course, she’s enjoyed working through the whole UX life cycle – from research to testing – with her mentor.


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