Remote UX writing at a scaling company

Episode Summary

In this episode, we spoke with Li-Na Koh, a senior content designer at Zapier. I have to say, Zapier is one of my favorite digital products out there today.

It allows you to easily connect your favorite services. For example, every time someone signs up for one of our webinars, Zapier automatically creates a Zoom event and sends a confirmation email at the same time.

It’s pretty magical!

Two aspects of this product are really interesting:

-Their copy is particularly well done, even though they don’t have a lot of writers on their team

-They’ve been an all-remote company for more than nine years Li-Na Koh is the first writer on the team and we spoke about being a remote UX writer, working on a product like Zapier, and much more.

This episode is a must!

Episode Notes

Li-Na Koh on Linkedin

Zapier’s guide to working remotely

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