The future of design with Ran Segall @Flux Academy

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Ran Segall’s design YouTube channel Flux Academy has reached a whopping +450K subscribers. He shares how he got there and what you can do to break into the industry – whether you plan to become a UX designer or UX writer or something else. 

He also talks about his enthusiasm for artificial intelligence. As AI starts doing the heavy lifting for designers, we can focus on the innovative side of design.

  • Ran’s background and his journey to +450K subscribers (from 1:50)
  • The role of UX writing in design (from 7:36)
  • How to become a full stack UX person (from 10:50)
  • Finding your first client (from 12:30)
  • Content creation as a way to build trust (from 14:10)
  • Why consistency is key and why you gotta love what you do (from 15:25)
  • AI and the future of design (from 19:30)


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