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Why Tech Writers Need To Build Bridges with Paula Stern @WritePoint Ltd

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Episode Summary

Tech writer, CEO and MEGAComm conference organizer Paula Stern talks about the importance of building bridges across departments, communities, and countries.

Episode Notes

The first thing that springs to mind when we think of technical writing is usually documentation: Manuals, instructions, user guides, online help, and knowledge bases.

Paula explains that technical writers’ responsibilities go way beyond writing. Being a tech writer includes interacting with people at all levels. Today’s tech writers need to focus on user needs, just like any UX professional. It’s no longer enough to write about the product, tech writers have to address what the users want to do with the product

Tune in to learn about:

  • How technical writing has evolved as a profession
  • The difference – and common ground – between UX and tech writing
  • What UX writers can learn from tech writers

About Paula

Paula Stern is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd, a company that offers technical writing services and training. She also runs the annual MEGAComm conference and is involved in the tech writing communities Techshoret and tekom Europe.


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