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To err is human. The same goes for products.

The design of error messages is rarely given the importance it deserves. It is easy to assume that users are unlikely to encounter the errors and write whatever comes to mind.

In reality, every error message in a user interface can be a roadblock that stops the user from completing a task, which causes frustration.

A well-designed error message tells users about the hurdles in their journey and how they can surpass them. It helps them to move forward and can also be used to show empathy and build trust.

Join UX writer Sneh Singh to explore:

  • How to categorize error messages
  • The most effective ways to design error messages
  • How to improve error messages based on voice and tone
  • A road map to tackle error messages


⏰ Please note that this event starts one hour earlier than our usual time ⏰


Everyone who attends this webinar gets a chance to participate in a practical error message challenge, and the winner will win a one-year UX Writing Hub membership. If you already have a membership, you get a UX writing consultation with Yuval Keshtcher (CEO of the UX Writing Hub).

About Zeta Design
Zeta is a fintech platform that believes in rethinking payments from the core to the edge. It builts modern banking tech solutions with a vision to make payments invisible and seamless.


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Very informative and useful session with real examples. For me, as someone who worked as a translator/ copy writer in Marketing before taking up a new role as UX writer, this gave me more clues of the difference between the two writing styles.
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I was really impressed with conversational vibe that Ben brought. This being my first webinar with you - I was even more delighted with how all the participants were so passionate and wanting to help each other, esp in the chat.
UX With Someone I Love | Ben of Netflix
Loved the personal experiences shared. Loved that she was so relatable and and shared mistakes, struggles, etc. It made me feel like I was on the right path, since I was able to relate to so many of the experiences she shared.
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About Sneh Singh

Sneh Singh enjoys solving problems using words. As a UX writer at Zeta, she designs copies to make payments invisible. Before becoming a UX writer, she was a journalist who covered stories from the Indian grassroots and collaborated with entrepreneurs, academics, and policymakers.

March 4
8:00 am Los Angeles
11:00 am New York
5:00 pm Berlin
6:00 pm Tel Aviv
9:30 pm Bangalore

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Craft effective error messages like a pro with Sneh Singh, UX Writer at Zeta Design

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March 4
8:00 am Los Angeles
11:00 am New York
5:00 pm Berlin
6:00 pm Tel Aviv
9:30 pm Bangalore