How to Kill Your Content Debt with Mohana Das @Lazypay

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In this episode of the Writers in Tech podcast, Yuval Keshtcher interviews Mohana Das, a lead UX Writer at Lazy Pay and founding member of a group of UX writers in India.

They discuss Mohana’s journey into content design, the challenges she faces as the only UX writer at her company, and the concept of “content debt” – a build-up over time of bad content that accumulates just like financial debt.

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Mohana, a content designer at LazyPay, shares her approach to tackling content debt in the interface.

She emphasizes starting with a full audit of the entire application and product and taking a holistic approach. Mohana also stresses the importance of defining goals and ROI before revamping content. To show impact, she recommends picking low-hanging fruit like button copy or key screens for optimization.

Collaborating with designers is crucial for success in this field. For those looking to break into content design, Mohana advises brushing up on UX fundamentals and creating a strong portfolio with real-world projects.

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