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Microcopy Round-Up: October 2020

Welcome to our October microcopy round-up, where we bring you some of the best community posts from the past month or so. As always, we’ve got the good, the bad, and the funny. 

Thanks as always to all the community members on Microcopy & UX Writing for your valuable insights and contributions. Read till the end to see just how awesome our community is.

The good

Love these password instructions by Smashing Magazine. Longer passwords with no special characters are easier to remember and harder to hack. 

What?! No emojis in my user name? This is bulls**t 😠. JK — Slack strikes again with a little moment of delight.  

Just some classic microcopy by ActiveCampaign to add a bit of clarity. But what would you do if the opposite were true? (More in the comments.)

The bad

From classic wins to classic fails. Here’s a perfect example of “cancel confusion.” 

If you ask your users if they want to cancel something, then don’t have a button that says “cancel” that doesn’t cancel the thing you were asking them if they want to cancel, right? I’m confused…


Here’s one from Facebook. A bit harsh, no? 

The funny

OK, but, why not in Python too? 

Kitties, keep your paws off the keyboard.

I’ve got no comment on this one. 

Something Special

Recently, something special happened in our community that shows just what an amazing place it is. Grab had a bit of a back-end bug. One post and a few hours later, problem solved. See how it went down in the comments. Amazing!

Thanks to everyone whose posts were featured here, and to all involved in the discussions. And thank you, , for reading. See you mid-November. 

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