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Episode Summary

Maryann Reid, award-winning author, talks about how you can become a better UX writer.

Episode Notes

Maryann Reid is an award-winning author with massive experience in writing and creating digital experiences. In this episode, we talk all about the current state of UX writing and where it is going.


She also shares her thoughts and tips about becoming a better UX writer and how companies can hire the best UX writers for their business.


Maryann Reid has more than 10 years of experience as a content designer across a variety of industries, including finance and tech.

As a Senior UX Writer & Content Strategist at the software company Boomi, she is helping build a UX Writing practice for the organization.


She is an avid traveler and has also written 5 books (!) published by St Martin’s Press.  


  • [01:43] Maryann shares her writing background
  • [02:47] Her experience working with Boomi
  • [04:09] Understanding the difference between UX writing and content strategy
  • [04:58] Maryann explains the “meatloaf analogy”
  • [06:23] The reason why UX writing is one of the best and worst jobs to have
  • [09:27] Sharing her process of writing a book
  • [12:01] The importance of structure in her daily routines
  • [14:12] Her opinion on the future of writers and where they are going
  • [16:18] How the community of UX writing has changed over the years
  • [17:45] Why companies need UX writers
  • [21:50] The importance of having people with diverse backgrounds in UX writing
  • [23:26] Tips for companies who are hiring UX writers
  • [25:11] Maryann shares a travelling experience that helped her become a more informed writer


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