Creating Order Out Of Chaos With Maggie Trisler @Fidelity Labs

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Maggie Trisler is a content designer and musician who stumbled into UX by making the most out of past failures

After trying several jobs including graphic designer and web developer, Maggie finally settled on UX writing and content design in 2016. In true UX style, Maggie turned every failure into a valuable experience and today is a Principal Content Designer at Fidelity Labs.

We chat about:

  • The connection between working in hospitality and UX [at 4.00]
  • Why storytelling isn’t just about words [at 5.55]
  • The similarity between UX writing and poetry [at 6.20]
  • Living with ADHD, losing your train of thought, and why this is a good thing in UX [at 11.50]
  • Getting rid of the guilt and the feeling of being a failure [at 14.30]
  • Living with ADHD, medications, nutrition, stimulation toys, being organized vs. looking organized [at 20.30]
  • Procrastination and how to deal with it [at  24.20]
  • The best online to-do list and project management tool [at 28.30]

And somewhere in there we also talk about guitars, punk rock, pop punk and the Beastie Boys. Oh and AI art.


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Maggie’s band Mystic Light Casino

The building a second brain podcast
Midjourney AI art

Dall-e AI art

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