Kickstart UX Writing at Your Company



This week on Writers in Tech I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Vicki Siolos, the lead UX writer of the mother of all crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter. You’ll learn about:

  • Using Google Translate for a nifty brainstorming trick
  • Giving your users what they’re asking for
  • Tricks that will help you to educate about UX writing in your organization
  • What books you should read (seriously, I need to read Nicely Said already)
  • Why you should zone out and just write


It was great learning about Vicki’s brilliant processes and I’m sure you’re going to love it as much as I did!

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Connecting My Dots From Journalism to UX Writing

Broadcast writing is short, concise, and even sweet like UX Writing. There’s only 15–30 seconds on average to write a script, so there’s no room for fluff. Every. Word. Counts. Just like UI screens.

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