How to succeed as a non-native English UX writer with Kalina Tyrkiel @ Beans

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Episode Summary

Kalina Tyrkiel dropped by for a chat about writing in English as a non-native speaker. Tune in to hear about the methods and tools you can use to succeed in UX writing, even if you have another mother tongue.

Kalina’s conclusion is that being a non-native UX writer or content designer is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, many non-natives face challenges related to grammar and fluency. On the other hand, those who use English as a second language have a natural feel for plain language and localization issues. 

Things that came up in our discussion:

  • The difference between being a native speaker, a native writer, and a content strategist
  • The benefits of team work – no UX writer is a single player!
  • Bridging the gap between language skills and content design skills 
  • Why dyslexia can be a strength for UX writers

About Kalina

A psychologist by training and UX writer by trade, Kalina currently combines her passion for UX and coffee at Beans, a marketplace for coffee. 

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