How to plan design research | Interview with Erika Hall, author of Just Enough Research

Episode Summary

Erika Hall is the author of Just Enough Research and Conversational Design—probably two of my favorite books on these topics.

Both of her books are available at A Book Apart:

Recently, I spoke with her about the gap that exists today between research and conversational design.

I learned a TON from this talk and anyone that’s creating any type of digital experience will certainly benefit from it too. We covered a lot of ground, including:

  • How a philosophy major like Erika became a design leader
  • Meeting Mule Design co-founder Mike Monteiro, author of Ruined by Design (my 2019 fave book!)
  • Changing with the industry as a designer
  • Making a case for research and convincing stakeholders to commit to a research process
  • Defining goals before starting your research -Asking the right questions as a researcher
  • How research can be like planning a vacation

Enjoy this episode!

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