cover photo Gandalf’s approach to UX writing

Gandalf’s approach to UX writing

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Jessica Drew worked as an ad copywriter in New York before she moved back to Boston, where she fell in love with UX writing. In our recent chat, she covered why

  • UX writing includes the best parts of copywriting
  • AI will free up UX writers to focus on the creative stuff
  • many companies are behind when it comes to UX writing
  • ADHD can help writers find the dusty corners of a website
  • airport kiosks are a live user experience test
  • working as a UX writer is like being a magician
  • new UX writers shouldn’t be scared to apply for senior jobs
  • …and much more! 

Multi-skilled Jessica Drew has experience of writing, photography, design, singing, and coding. Currently the sole UX writer at CarGurus, she started her career as an ad copywriter at Ogilvy in New York. When she moved back to Boston, she was introduced to UX writing and loved it.

CarGurus is a marketplace for used and new cars. They want their customers to be in control, and this is where Jessica comes into the picture. By improving their UX copy, she aims to help everyone through the purchase process, even people who don’t know much about cars.

Jessica thinks UX writing can be great for people who, like herself, have been diagnosed with ADHD. As she interacts with every team in the company, she never gets bored. It is also a great role for people who enjoy solving puzzles, because that’s what you find in the dusty corners of every website.

We also talked about joining a new design team at CarGuru, the relation between writers and machines in the future, why so many companies are behind with UX writing, the problem with airport kiosks, and why new UX writers shouldn’t be scared to apply for senior jobs. 

And what does all this have to do with The Lord of the Rings? You’ll find out in this episode!

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