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Career | UX Writing | UX Content Design

Breaking into Content Design with Andrew Astleford

Join Yuval Keshtcher and Andrew Astleford for an in-depth talk about breaking into the field of content design and get some hot tips for making the very most of career transitions.

UX Psychology | UX Design

Using Psychology in Design with Jon Yablonski

Join Jon Yablonski, the author of “Laws of UX,” for a discussion on “Using Psychology in Design.” Explore which UX principles can enhance our content process for better user experience outcomes.

Career | UX Copywriting 

The Intersection of UX and Marketing with Susan Reoch

Join Susan Reoch as she delves into “The Intersection of UX and Marketing,” revealing how these two disciplines can collaborate for more impactful and user-centered marketing strategies.

UX Writing | UX Content Design

Creating a Content Design System with Naomi Papoushado

Join Naomi Papoushado of the famous AI tool Gong, for her insightful talk on “Creating a Content Design System.” Discover strategies to build a cohesive content framework that elevates user engagement.

Leadership | UX Writing 

From reactive to proactive impact-focused UX work with Jody Allard

Join Jody Allard for her compelling presentation, “From Reactive to Proactive: Impact-Focused UX Work,” where she will guide you through the transformation of UX practices to achieve proactive and meaningful user experiences.