Designing for humanity with Andy Vitale VP of Design @ Rocket Mortgage


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Episode Summary

I invited Andy Vitale, VP of Design at Rocket Mortgage, to hear his views on design past, present and future. As the co-host of the Surfacing podcast, Andy has had many conversations with top-level decision makers in the industry.

Episode Notes

What is the next step for humanity when it comes to technology? How can we design ethical products? How do we design for safety? 

These are a few questions Andy tackles in this episode.

We also chatted about:

  • The importance of iterations and that a design is never finished
  • Why he finds your ugliest work the most interesting
  • Design as a way of communicating ideas
  • The different meanings of strategy and innovation
  • … and last but not least, why you should take the roast out of the oven even if it’s not baked to perfection!

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