How to create copy for global products with Diego Graglia of Netflix

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Episode Summary

Netflix content designer Diego Graglia has a lot to say about creating English copy for a global audience. Being bilingual helps him to understand the complexities involved in localization, which comes in handy when your product is available in 30 languages. His collaboration with the localization team often starts even before he starts writing. But it’s not just about a multilingual perspective – it’s just as important to have a multicultural approach.

We also chatted about:

  • How he coordinated Netflix’s first-ever content style guide
  • Why strategic thinking is a superpower for writers
  • Tips for everyone who wants to transition to UX writing

Before Netflix, Diego spent 20 years working as a journalist and content strategist. He also co-runs El Valle De Los Tercos (“valley of the hot-headed”), a podcast about Spanish-speaking startups and investors in Silicon Valley.

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