Content strategy and the triangle of decision making with Ahava Leibtag @ Aha Media Group

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Episode Summary

Ahava Leibtag is the founder of Aha Media, author of The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web, and an Innovative Individual in the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame.

With 20+ years of writing and content, she has learned to use strategy to connect the dots that lead to a better user experience. A great UX professional, she says, finds a UX angle in everything they do, whatever their job title. 

Tune in for insights about:

  • Ahava’s secret content sauce: The triangle of decision making
  • How to work with data-driven content
  • Why it’s smart to learn as much as we can about the field, and how to do that
  • What UX pros can learn from content marketing — and from Top Gun!

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