From Product Management to UX Writing with Ben Davies @Klarna

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In this episode of Writers in Tech, Ben Davies, a Senior Content Designer at Klarna and co-founder of Tech Outcast, shares his experience transitioning from product management to UX writing. He emphasizes the importance of educating oneself about UX writing and being resourceful when working with other departments. Davies also discusses his process for standardizing terminology across different departments in a company and suggests using AI tools like Chad GPT to analyze archived discussions.

Yuval and Ben discuss the potential uses and limitations of Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence tool for generating content. They caution against relying too heavily on it as a solution and emphasize its usefulness in brainstorming and refining ideas.

The conversation also touches on the importance of advocating for UX writing as a discipline within tech companies, despite recent layoffs impacting the industry. Towards the end, they mention Tech Outcast, a new community focused on offering content design services to companies through freelancing and consulting.

Ben, a content designer, enjoys working with early stage startups and solo entrepreneurs to help them put together their first version of products. He believes in the importance of combining UX, product management and marketing to create value propositions that resonate with users.

Ben founded Tech Outcasts as a community for talented people who feel like outcasts in the tech industry due to homogeneity in backgrounds and approaches. To land a UX writing gig right now, Ben advises contractors or freelancers to figure out their unique perspective before seeking out companies they’d like to work with directly rather than relying on traditional job boards.


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