Believe in content design with Jonathon Colman @ HubSpot

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Episode Summary

HubSpot is about to triple the size of their content design team, employing 20 new content designers. Their content design leader Jonathon Colman goes through their hiring process and drops a heap of good tips for job seekers while he’s at it.

You will also learn about:

  • The double diamond model and how you can use it in your portfolio
  • Building a voice and tone and content style guide that work across the product
  • How to get started with content design from scratch
  • The shift from content strategy to content design

Useful links 

Connect with Jonathon on LinkedIn and Twitter
Check HubSpot’s job posts
Jonathon’s article about what he looks for in a portfolio
The double diamond model
Thinking in systems (article by Donella Meadows)
Object-Oriented UX (article by Sophia Prater)

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