7 Inspirational UX Podcasts To Get You On Your A Game

7 Inspirational UX Podcasts To Get You On Your A Game

Any designer worth their salt knows that you can’t create a good product without a fantastic UX. The user experience in design is fundamental to a functional product, which will ultimately help you sell. However, it’s hard to be creative all the time and sometimes we need a source of inspiration injected into our lives. These UX podcasts are packed with ideas, tips and innovations that will help you hit your A game.

1) Writers In Tech

Tap into well-kept industry secrets through the Writers in Tech podcast, where content strategists and UX designers come together to discuss how these disciplines can be combined for anyone in digital industries. Recent episodes covering the relationship between UX and copywriting have been eye-opening and have featured in-depth interviews with industry leaders from Monzo to Lebsontech. Every episode of Writers in Tech is packed full of wisdom and unmissable tips for anyone working in UX.

2) UXPodcast

“Hosts James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom set up UXPodcast to help designers find their A-game,” says Jayme Milstead, UX expert at Essayroo and OXEssays. “These two have great chemistry and can turn any topic in UX into a lively discussion that’ll keep your interest and undoubtedly teach you a thing or two.” Royal-Lawson and Axbom divide their podcasts into two main themes – link shows and guest shows. Every guest show features a fascinating interview with a UX expert, giving you a valuable perspective from those in the know.

3) The UX Intern

Getting started in the world of UX can be overwhelming, as strategy, architecture and the integration of lean and agile methods can bamboozle before you’ve learned the lingo. In The UX Intern, host Wesley Noble goes back to basics and presents the world of UX design from the perspective of a beginner. By talking to veteran designers, he offers insight into the world of UX without the inaccessibility. Internships can be a great way to learn new skills, and this podcast will simulate the process.

4) 99% Invisible

99% Invisible explores the design world as whole (its title is a nod to how the vast majority of design goes unnoticed – indeed, good design should slip by undetected). The episodes frequently touch on UX as host Roman Mars, always full of charisma, discusses all things design. This podcast usually presents its ideas in the form of a story, making it incredibly engaging as UX tips and tricks are woven into a wider narrative about how design and our world intermingle.

5) Google Design

Let’s face it, tech giants Google know a thing or two about UX and Google’s incredible success is partly down to its intimate understanding of how consumers want to interact with technology. Fortunately for anyone wanting an inside look into Google’s UX team, this podcast is presented by the Google design team and discussion about their projects, experience and creative process are covered in depth. This is a podcast packed full of inspiration.

6) UXpod

UXpod has been running since 2006, giving you a nearly endless back catalogue to explore when you’re running low on inspiration. Host Gerry Gaffney has been bringing the ideas and methodology of UX design to a wide audience since then, exploring topics from global UX, design thinking and more. Sometimes the scope of this podcast goes beyond just UX and into wider considerations designers have to face, but the professional layout of the website makes it easy to sort and search episodes, so you’ll always find something to interest you.

7) Wireframe

“Wireframe is brought to you by Khoi Vinh, an Adobe designer and all-round creative guy. In 2011 Vinh was voted in the ‘50 Most Influential Designers in America’, and his perspective on design methods is well worth hearing,” says Gail Sattler, tech writer at Paperfellows and Boomessays. Vinh is still at the top of his game, and this podcast carries a high production value that befits its top-quality content.

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn new skills, find inspiration or even discover possible career paths in your downtime. We all need a break from the screen occasionally, so plug in to the headphones and check out these fantastic UX podcasts.

Katherine Rundell is a UX writer at Academized and Do My Assignment services and a blogger at State Of Writing. She loves to combine elegant design with engaging experiences for consumers.

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