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Episode Summary

Greg Digneo is an entrepreneur, Content strategy expert, and business consultant.

A few years back, after building a 7-figure content agency, Greg was burned out.

That may sound a bit off-topic for UX writers, but if you’ve ever wanted a lesson in advanced content strategy that drives traffic, this is the episode for you.

In a frank and honest talk, Greg shared the struggles of building a successful content agency from the ground up. He talked about his process for planning content that would drive lots of traffic for his client, Time Doctor.

It was a fascinating perspective and I now implement some of what I learned in our own blog. He also walked me through his 7 steps of content development.

Give this episode a listen if you want to learn how to: Scale your content agency Create better content strategy practices that drive traffic Find high volume keywords Define your audience and create content for them Find pain points We even talk about why you should call your readers on the phone!

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